15 / 06 / 2015

Fine, Fine Art - Flame Grass, Oil On Canvas


This is really a lovely piece. It came as pure artistic expression while I was working hard on my figurative art opus Echo of The Forest.

As usually, art pieces like this one takes more time to be done than purely figurative ones since they are a "step further" of artistic emotion that can not be pre-conceptualized; needs to be thoroughly thought off and make true artistic treasure due to essence of expression embedded on canvas.

At that point I inverted my blue sky into an orange one as I needed something strong against the grass at that point and the wind came afterwards as corresponding element to wild passion this small piece is overloaded with.

This painting is framed in thin orange wooden frame that a proud owner can complement with additional frame that goes well with hers or his own interior. The original is 20x20cm big, plus frame.