Artist Statement of Olivera Kovačević

Splashes of colour, atmospheric images, gloomy shades, opaque layers are some of the most common traits of my artwork. I like to work on impulse, from gut feeling, from a strong emotion that triggers my imagination, from a spark of the split of a second.


Then, somehow, I freeze that feeling and start to "sculpt in the air"™. Sculpting-in-the-air is my coin that, in my humble opinion, best describes a process of how I visualize some figurative space from thin air, driven by my imagination. 




Group Exhibitions (Juried)

(paintings, collages, fine art prints, ex libris)


2003 - “Belgrade Mini-Art Scene”, Belgrade, Serbia And Montenegro

2002 - “The 7th Biennial of Small Graphic Printing”, Budapest, Hungary

2001 - “Sixth International Biennial of Illustration”, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

2001 - Humanitarian Auction, Danmark

2001 - “Collages”, Đura Jakšić House, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

2001 - “Ill frutto di Baccio”,  Aqui - Terme, Italy

2000 - “The Balooning”, Sint Niklaas, Belgium

2000 - “The 7th Biennial of Chamaliere", France

2000 - Humanitarian Auction, Ex Libris, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

2000 - “The 6th Biennial of Small Graphic Printing”, Budapest, Hungary

2000 - “The Child”, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1999 - “The Tree”, Guadalupe, Mexico